About David Palmer, President, Harvester Capital Management

Over 3+ decades, David R Palmer has been a leader on Wall Street.

His career began in 1987 as a Clerk on Wall Street, and he went on to become an Options Specialist, Derivatives Trader, Portfolio Manager and Senior Managing Member of TANSTAAFL Research and Trading, LLC.

At TANSTAFFL (a derivatives trading firm) Palmer built the Integrated technology into the firm, hired traders and staff, and wrote tests used in the hiring process. Palmer managed a group of five programmers, and led the design and evolution of the derivatives platform.

Under his leadership, TANSTAFFL opened offices in a total of five domestic and international locations, and maintained a presence on six stock exchanges.

TANSTAFFL would start an Option Specialist operation on the American Stock Exchange. It quickly rose to third highest ranked firm on the Exchange. Palmer successfully navigated regulatory hurdles, achieving the distinction as one of only two American Stock Exchange firms without a violation during its tenure.

At TANSTAFFL, Palmer also negotiated a purchase of a 30 person firm in Chicago, and the sale of the Option Specialist unit to a major derivatives firm.  After 27 years of success, the firm is still active and run by Palmer.

Palmer spent a decade as a portfolio manager at Hudson Bay Capital tasked with investing capital to extract total return from markets. With a focus on all traded derivatives instruments, Palmer managed a maximum capital allocation of $500 million for all market positions. He identified pricing anomalies in the marketplace, sourced liquidity and executed trades on pricing anomalies. Palmer wrote programs in R and Python to access data stores via SQL and he analyzed data using multivariable models to extract metrics for the decision making process. He wrote an interface to the live feeds to monitor execution quality and risk metrics.

In 2016, David R. Palmer became Founder, investor, partner and manager of Twenty-One Parcels Limitada, a real estate investment firm operating primarily in Playa Guiones, Costa Rica. Palmer Identified highly underutilized parcels of land in a seaside resort town, negotiated the purchase of the property and created small enclaves for ecologically and culturally sustainable development. Palmer works with local and national regulators to insure legal and regulatory compliance, and to develop mutually beneficial community partnerships. 


Beginning in 2005, Palmer established Harvester Capital Management in New Jersey. Harvester is a real estate investment firm that invests in domestic and international ventures and provides a vehicle for quantitative trading, consulting and portfolio management.